Mindfulness Workshops

Discover deeper levels of ease, peace, and happiness

Whether you are new to mindfulness and meditation or an experienced practitioner my workshops will support you to develop a greater capacity to feel greater joy, not be totally ‘caught up’ in the stresses of modern life and have more time for YOU?

Each year I offer a range of full-day and half-day workshops in Gothenburg, Sweden on different aspects of mindfulness, meditation and yoga nidra. In 2019 I will be offering the workshops below.

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Open Your Heart

Deepen your understanding of compassion and take a closer look at the obstacles to being kinder towards ourselves and others. 

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Big Sky Mind

The what, why and how of meditation to get you started on your journey of living with less stress, and more and peace in your life

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Resting in Stillness

A workshop that invites you to discover how to release stress, relax deeply and restore your energy; whilst nourishing a sense of joy, peace, and well-being within you

Our next workshop will be Resting in Stillness. Dates tbc. More details can be found on the registration page by following the link below.

The Workshop Inclusions:

With each workshop you will receive a package includes:

  • Learning resources to download containing workbooks, audio meditations, resources, and references.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with opportunities share progress, get support
  • Discount for coaching programmes and retreats

All the workshop material is designed to be educational and uses evidence-based techniques that can start you on a journey to a new relationship to your thoughts, emotions, and impulses,  and a greater capacity to cope with the challenges of our busy world.

Workshops Participants say:

“The meditation workshop way structured and easy to follow, I’m definitely on my way to a daily practice”

” I highly recommend Clarissa’s Resting in Stillness workshop, I’m grateful for her wisdom and to have been guided in stillness”

” Clarissa’s approach is warming, welcoming and practical. And I look forward to deepening my meditation with her”

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Your investment:

Full day workshops cost 700 SEK

Ready to uncover the innate peace, wholeness

wisdom that is your birthright?

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