Mindfulness At Work

Because mental health matters

1 in 5 employees have taken time off work in the past year due to feeling mentally unwell

Change in statistics like this start at the top, where business leaders need to adopt a pre-emptive approach to the mental health of their staff. But good leaders don’t just care about productivity, they care about people. Staff are an organization’s most precious asset and supporting them through mental health issues will keep them engaged.

Research shows that mindfulness can help staff take a pre-emptive approach to manage their mental health, their stress and their emotions in the workplace. Employers can see tangible and financial benefits by introducing mindfulness and regular meditation as part of their wellbeing culture

Mindful awareness creates a solid foundation for all other Human Resources and Learning and Development initiatives, it can help with reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and overall staff stress reduction.

I offer a range of options to bring mindfulness to your workplace. This can be a simple introduction to mindfulness,  my core offering of a workshop series through to something bespoke for your organization that includes coaching, retreats, and training of your own staff to lead mindfulness session

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Introduction to Mindfulness

 An introduction to help your teams begin their mindfulness practice 

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A Workshop Series

A core offering of 4 workshops designed to develop deep and sustained mindfulness in the workplace

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Every workplace is different. We can design something that fits your needs

We’ve got something for every workplace, whether you’re just starting out, or you want a deeper and more sustained integration. More details can be found by following the link below.

The Workshop Inclusions:

With each workshop you will receive a package includes:

  • Learning resources to download containing workbooks, audio meditations, resources, and references.
  • Before and after qualitative ad quantitative measures of stress levels
  • Provide additional support such one on one coaching and mindful message posters to put around the office.

All the workshop material is designed to be educational and uses evidence-based techniques. I offer a tailored and ongoing approach to bringing mindfulness into your workplace with a focus on pre-emptive mental health so your staff have a greater capacity to cope with the challenges of our busy workplaces.

Organisations I have worked with include:


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