I am delighted and excited that I’ll be teaching this at a retreat next June at an amazing location. I will be leading a number of mindfulness meditations, a iRest yoga nidra session as well as workshops on sleep and how to have a mindful journey through menopause.

The whole weekend is designed to help you awaken your inner self and to empower you to become healthier and the best you can be.  This unique includes

🔥 20 different workshops
🔥 8 qualified trainers
🔥 luxury rural farmhouse
🔥 up to 30 women
🔥 set in stunning scenery and peace
🔥 fully inclusive
🔥 lots of space for private time
🔥 only £99 deposit with payment plan
🔥 £695 early bird

It really is the best money you’ll spend on yourself! To join follow this link and spend a weekend putting yourself first!!  AWAKENING RETREAT

Revitalised in Mind

Let go of your stressful thinking patterns. Learn new ways to check-in on your mental activity and quieten the mind

Revitalised in Body

This is your time to replenish your energy levels. Rest, relax, connect with nature. Wake at sunrise and practice energy giving yoga. Nourish body with organic wholefoods

Revitalised in Spirit

Take time to calm your busy life. Focus on the joyful things and connect with like-minded women

On these Retreats:

  • I help you discover a deep sense of inner happiness, calm, clarity, and control
  • I offer you the opportunity to re-acquaint with your own inner self.
  • This retreat offers profound learning combined with time for you to deeply rest and restore.
  • You’ll have lots of fun with like-minded people in a stunning location!
  • You return home with a renewed sense of optimism, self-worth, and enjoyment for life.

You deserve the opportunity to experience this Retreat!

Whether you want to give yourself the gift of peace and calm or seek the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with your purpose and values, this retreats is the perfect experience for you to foster real positive change in your life. Follow this link to book AWAKENING RETREAT

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