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Perimenopause and menopause ARE stressful. There is work, financial. family, relationship pressures can leave you feeling exhausted and de-prioritizing yourself. But what if you could find a way to navigate these challenges and pressures in a skillful way?

From around the age of 35 – 40 when women notice that ‘things are changing’ in our bodies and their moods and probably also noticing that current/usual strategies for diet, exercise and lifestyle don’t seem to work as well anymore and indeed may be starting to have a negative effect. Thid is perhaps the ideal time for women to start stablishing habits that will ensure YOU actually have the potential to THRIVE in the next half of your life.

That’s why I offer results-orientated FULL CIRCLE OF CARE coaching program to empower you to free yourself from mind chatter and energy draining behaviors and habits. For you to have powerful strategies to help you respond rather than react and make wiser life choices. So that you can live your life with more ease, purpose, and peace.

Learn the tools, techniques, and strategies that have been proven to help people manifest their deepest intentions and live in harmony with their values?

Awareness is the key to self-knowledge and transformation. Central to my coaching practice is helping people develop and deepen the practice of compassionate self-awareness. Supporting you to cultivate your sense of calm, balance, and inner support, and empowering you to step towards a life of flourishing and thriving.

Because it’s not enough just to wish and hope for things to change…

To thrive through menopause, you need three things:

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Know Your Purpose

Uncover your innate, values, strength and vision for living a more meaningful life

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Know Yourself

Discover the habits, triggers and thought patterns that affect your menopause symptoms

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Care for Yourself

Learn to become your own best friend, to treat yourself with kindness and compassion

We think we should be able to manage our development.
We resist investing in ourselves.

I used to be the same, and so I spent a long time feeling unwell, stuck, not moving towards my life’s purpose. And consequently, it took me ages to get there.

Getting support is a faster way to managing your symptoms, coming closer to your vision and living to your values and purpose. In fact, every time I’ve experienced growth and success in my life, it’s come from investing in myself, seeking expert support and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Why wouldn’t you invest in thriving through menopause, getting on top of your symptoms
and creating the life you love NOW?

Using proven mind-body approaches I help empower you to step towards a life of balance and harmony.

These can include nutrition, fitness/movement formulas, sleep and stress management 

Balance & Thrive:

6 x bi-weekly 50-minute coaching sessions 

  1. We’ll start with an initial free 60-minute session to explore your current situation and barriers and give me a deep sense of your self-narratives, values, and strengths. We’ll set clear goals for the next three months and then progress in moving you towards them.
  2. We’ll then meet for 5 x fortnightly 50-minute coaching sessions to help you develop insight into what’s in your way, to help you get unstuck, to motivate and inspire you to action and transform. All sessions are recorded so you can refer back to them.
  3. You’ll also receive custom-designed practices for you to do between sessions to improve your lifestyle, strengthen your new mindset and support deeper lasting transformation.

“My panic attacks forced me to leave my teaching job. Working with Clarissa, I have been able to become aware of when my negative thoughts are spiralling out of control. I can now take a step back and my attacks have greatly decreased”

~ Sophia, web designer

You’ll move from:

  • Overwhelmed » To Calm

  • Confusion » To Clarity

  • Negativity » To Resilience

  • Fear » To Courage

  • Self-Sabotage » To Self-Love

  • Resignation » To Thriving

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Your investment:

All of the above – 6 sessions, with all my energy and expertise focused on helping you achieve your goals – is $560 USD/month (incl. VAT) over 3 months

Ready to Transform?

Yes I am!

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