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One of the more common complaints women are struggling to get on top of –  a simple good night’s sleep! To Sleep Well.

Generally, most of the perimenopausal women I know are endurance athletes, in all but name. Sandwiched between kids, parents, partner, work…these are busy times. But perimenopausal and menopausal women are not always skilled or consistent at prioritising self care…Unfortunately, at menopause, disrupted sleep is a big problem for many women…whether due to hot flashes and night sweats or stress, or jacked up cortisol levels or using alcohol as a nightly wind down

We do actually spend on average 1/3 of our lives sleeping. This is a crucial time for our bodies to recover from the degeneration of the day and prepare for the next day. If this vital restoration phase is reduced or impaired, there are significant negative impacts to your body and overall health both during the following day, and accumulating over the years.

I help women who can’t stop their minds racing at night, who suffer from sleep anxiety or who are reliant on props or pills to sleep. Examples are if you are a busy professional menopausal woman suffering from night sweats, or your sleep is disturbed as a result of chronic pain or another health condition. Whether you have had your insomnia for a few weeks or many years, can’t fall asleep or wake and can’t back to sleep, I can help you to have  ‘normal’ sleep behavior .

Sleep is a natural biological process that can’t be controlled and trying to do so can actually make your sleep worse. My approach is free from pills and potions, rules and rituals. You won’t be asked to drink warm milk, have warm baths or engage in a lengthy wind down to get to sleep. Instead you’ll learn to retrain your brain to sleep naturally based on mindfulness approaches.

Sleep is central pillar of my Thrive Through Menopause program enabling you to achieve good quality sleep in the fastest way possible. Connect with me to find out more!

  • In the program we have 4 WEEKS TO BETTER SLEEP and provide practical proven strategies aand tools that include:
  • Understanding how our hormones affect sleep
  • Ways to switch off anxious thoughts that prevent you from falling asleep or falling back to asleep
  • How simple breathing techniques could help promote better sleep
  • What simple tweaks you could make to your eating habits that could have a dramatic effect on your sleep
  • Simple and pleasurable easy hand massage routines that help you wind down

”I have had sleep problems for over 15 years and was constantly waking up in very early and being unable to get back to sleep. Clarissa provided me with effective and simple ways to get back to sleep or at least to be able to rest and relax until I was ready to get up. I have recommended her to several friends”

~ Maria, former professional athlete

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