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Racing thoughts are a component of anxiety. Our thoughts are full of worries, fears, doubts, regrets over perceived past mistakes, and imagined future horrendous outcomes. Thoughts and emotions are connected, so our anxious thoughts create anxious, roiling emotions, which in turn create more anxious thoughts, and we are caught in a trap. When you use mindfulness to extricate yourself from anxiety’s trap, you allow yourself to let go of anxiety. You stop struggling and accept things for what they are. Acceptance isn’t giving in to anxiety; it’s stepping away from the negative thoughts and emotions so you can observe them from a distance.

Rather than an escape from anxiety and problems, mindfulness lets you step away from them so you can live fully in the present moment. With mindfulness, you live in the present moment without judging anything. When your thoughts are centered on what is happening now, there is less space for anxious thoughts and emotions.

I work with you one to one in 8 weekly sessions of 60 minutes each that include, meditations and mindfulness and compassion in daily life. All the practices are based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy. I help you to deal more effectively with difficult thoughts and emotions and to learn to appreciate each moment of your life more and so improve the quality of your life.

First 4 Weeks:

  • Coming Into the Present
  • Keeping the Body in Mind
  • Relating differently to Thoughts and Worries
  • Working with Difficult Experiences

Second 4 Weeks:

  • Noticing the Good
  • Practicing Kindness to yourself
  • Cultivating Your Compassionate Self
  • Using Mindfulness and Compassion in Everyday Life

I recommend that you commit to the daily home practice of 10-20 minutes twice a day. This gives you the best chance of learning the skills and helps to build mindfulness into your daily life.

Please note this support is not designed for people who are acutely ill nor is it a substitute for professional therapy. 

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