Reasons to go on retreat

Reasons to go on retreat

Fancy going on retreat?

There are time in life when you need to remove yourself from the demands and challenges of daily life. and go on retreat. And a few days away in the right environment can help you reset and resore your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Personally I’ve been going on an annual retreat for almost 25 years. The reason I keep going back is because I love going on retreat for that time away to gain perspective on my life. And in today’s busy world getting a rest from the day to day ‘to do list’. What I especially enjoy about retreats is the opportunity to connect back into myself. This always means I come home with a renewed sense of wonder, optimisim and joy for life.

But for those of you who may be less familiar with retreats here are my top ten reason why you should experience a retreat

What is a retreat?

As the word intimates, a retreat is a wonderful opportunity to step back from our daily lives to find a moment of rest, to get in touch with yourself and simply find inner peace. Retreating is a way of taking time out and assessing our life decisions, helping us to bring clarity to the challenges ahead.

Why go on a retreat?

Our current lifestyle is hectic. Technology may make life easier but it is not without stress. Our bodies’ natural state is not used to this rhythm, and periods of rest are becoming more and more important. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and dedicating time to ourselves affords us peace and strength to carry on our way of life.

10 Reasons to go on a retreat

  • DISCONNECT from the routine of daily life
  • Have time for REFLECTION
  • GET TO KNOW yourself
  • Truly REST
  • Find your true SELF
  • Contemplate and learn from the LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE
  • RECOVER energies
  • REJUVENATE and strengthen your spirit
  • FIND a new approach in your personal and professional life

Interested in going on a special type of retreat?

If thesE tips sparked you interest and you’d like to experience a retreat then here’s something for you. I am working with an amazing team of other women to bring you a truly special retreat.  On your fully inclusive ‘AWAKENING’ journey, you will gain a new perspective on your relationship with yourself. You’ll engage with genuine likeminded women and forge new relationships and friendships whilst encouraging your own personal growth, through challenging your comfort zones.

CHOOSE your own itinerary full of wonderful and magical learnings with fully qualified professionals. You’re surroundings, amongst stunning scenery and nature can do nothing but inspire you to ‘detox’ from any outside distractions and you’ll feast like the queen you are! Find out more by following this link Awakening Retreat


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