Mindful Walking for Happiness and Freedom

Mindful Walking for Happiness and Freedom

An Introduction to Mindful Walking

Mindfulness allows us to bring a gentle awareness and curiosity to our present moment. Mindful walking provides us with an opportunity to stop ruminating on the past or planning the future. A time to pause, focus on ourselves and what is happening around us at this given moment. Mindful walking enables us to experience our life to the full and to gain insights to help us become calmer and more content.

Mindful Walking is a simple yet effective way to practice mindfulness at any time.

We live in a world that values logical, analytical thinking. A busy world dominated by visual stimuli. We disconnect from the messages our bodies are sending us. So, we are in essence caught in our thoughts, but mindful walking allows us to connect with our bodies and our breath.

Walking meditation is a way of moving without any specific goal or intention. And mindful walking means walking while being aware of each step and breath. And it can be practiced anywhere, whether you are alone or with others in a crowded city. Furthermore, you can practice mindful walking in between business meetings or while going to the shops

Mindful walking brings awareness of the pure pleasure of walking. And we can keep our steps slow, relaxed, and calm. There is no need rush, no place to get to, no hurry. Also, mindful walking can release our worries and help bring peace into our body, mind, and spirit.

Each breath is an opportunity to connect with ourselves and experience how great it is to be alive. Mindful walking allows us to become more connected to our bodies. By slowing down, we can bring our breath and movements into harmony. Walk and count your breath. Try breathing in counting 1,2,3 on the in-breath and then 1,2,3 on the out breath. Notice how much calmer and more at ease you feel.

woman in a field on a retreat

Connect with Your Body

We think walking is all about our feet. The reality is that walking involves our hips, our knees, our back, shoulders, arms, and head. But often we walk without awareness of our whole body. Hunched over, carrying heavy bags, leaning to one side.

Mindful walking is an opportunity to be entirely in touch with the whole of your body as it moves. Notice how different muscles work to keep you balanced in each step. Walking in sync with the breath makes us straighten up, creating space for breath to flow in the body.

Observe how it lets us relax, and move with greater ease and grace. Feeling our feet on the ground, the earth holding us safe. We can enjoy the physical sensations of walking and breathing.

Notice Your Surroundings

When we rush from place to place mindlessly, we miss much of the beauty around us. Walking around our cities and towns, we can notice the color of the sky or clouds, the chirping of birds and insects, the smells around us. However, we are often oblivious to what is happening in front or behind us and maybe even to what sensations we might be experiencing like the sun or wind on our faces.

When we walk mindfully, we look up and take the time to notice and absorb the beauty and wonders all around us, however small. In this way, we are slowly reframing our view of the world towards the positive – towards the little treasures of pleasure.

Also, mindful walking can as I said earlier done anywhere. We can walk mindfully from our chairs to the kitchen to make a drink. Another excellent opportunity to practice is walking from our desks to meetings or from meeting to meeting. Merely by slowing down, bring breath and body into sync we can feel calmer, we can let go of the past meeting or the emails at our desk. It often helps to say a word or a short phrase on the in and the out breath. Peace/Calm or Here/Now.

Maybe you can use this time to refocus, feel calmer and arrive at your next meeting centered and filled with the pure joy of being alive.

Feel Happy and Free

Because we can rest back in the present moment, we can free ourselves from our habitual thinking. And most of all we can learn to choose whether we engage with negative thoughts or just to acknowledge and let them go.  “Hello thought, Thank You thought, Goodbye thought.

There is a feeling that comes from being in the present moment is a childlike quality of happiness.  By taking steps one after the other slowly and silently, we create joy with each step. When we take steps in peace and happiness, we will cause a flower to bloom on the earth with every step.


In conclusion mindful walking is simple and easy activity. And it can be integrated into our schedules easily because walking is something, we do every single day.

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